Using BFR in Futsal small sided games to improve game specific fitness

Episode #41

 Welcome back to this episode of BFR radio.

As I'm recording this episode, it actually coincides with the start of the 2020, or should I say 2021 Tokyo Olympic summer games. I'm actually currently sitting in my hotel room in Cairns far, north Queensland, helping out with the Australian track and field team in particular, I work with three athletes, one sprinter, female, 200 meter runner  Riley Day and also 2 decathletes, Ashley Moloney and Cedric Dubler.

And there'll be competing very soon. So keeping an eye out for them.  With respect to these athletes, I mainly do their strength programs, but I'm also the shot put and discus coach for the two decathletes, it's actually been a really exciting few weeks seeing the athletes finalize their preparation.

And as it's the Olympics, I thought it would be fitting that this mini series would look at how to use BFR in sporting movements  or for the benefit or performance of sporting outcomes. I thought that was fitted well with the theme of the Olympics, and it might give a sports coach and idea for their own athletes on how they can incorporate it for the benefit of sporting perform.

Now, also remember that they are contra-indications for BFR use and this needs to be taken in the correct context. For example, if your athletes have a low training age, you need to firstly, ensure that they're covering the big rocks with respect to training and recovery, and you actually might have more benefit in getting the simple things correct before even contemplating doing blood flow restriction.

 Onto the article  and the one that I'm going to review today is called,

Occlusion training during specific futsal training improves aspects of physiological and physical performance.

Journal of sports science & medicine, 19(2), 374.

Amani-Shalamzari, S., Sarikhani, A., Paton, C., Rajabi, H., Bayati, M., Nikolaidis, P. T., & Knechtle, B. (2020).  

 Although, futsal is not in the Olympics, soccer for my southern hemisphere friends, or  football for my European friends is. Therefore I thought that the concept in the training of, and the movements performed are quite similar.

This is a great practical use of BFR in a sporting movement. Hope you enjoy it.

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