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If you are a trainer/therapist administering BFR to a client or athlete, there are a few contra-indications for BFR use and it is critical to perform a thorough pre-activity screening to ensure that the user's safety is prioritised.

Links to helpful BFR articles

Literature reviews are a great starting point to understand more about BFR and how it works.

Passive BFR stimulus as a method to prevent muscle loss after an acute injury or operation.

The analgesic effect of BFR a training method that can be used to decrease pain in tendons and joints.

Ischemic preconditioning (IPC) is induced by cycles of inflation and deflation of a standard blood pressure cuff on a limb and releases a circulating protective factor into the bloodstream. This article discusses IPC and the positive effect on skeletal-muscle function to enhance exercise capacity and athletic performance.

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