Using BFR to rehab from a foot (navicular) fracture - Your Questions Answered.

Episode #37

Thanks again for joining me on this month's episode and the last three episodes we've delved into the upper body BFR mini series. In particular, we looked at article reviews with respect to muscular benefits of BFR Bench Press, and bicep curls.

And the last episode we looked at how it could be used to improve recovery from a hand fracture or more so improving pain and function with the addition of BFR to a normal rehab program for a hand fracture. 

And for today's episode, like they say, variety's the spice of life. So we're going to take a small break from the mini-series and we're actually going to go into your questions answered. And although this wasn't a specific, your questions answered, I do get a lot of questions from people out there, like yourself who have actually got their own question.

And afterwards I sat down and I wrote some notes and I thought I'd actually formulate it into this episode you've got here. The question I have today is from an athletics Sprint's coach, and he has an athlete who has a foot fracture of the navicular bone. Now this  can be quite a serious injury if not looked after properly.

His question was around how we could use BFR within his rehab and return to run program. With respect to this injury, I'm going to be talking about the affected limb and that's going to be the foot that has the fracture.


This is a really practical episode with lots of different uses for BFR in this scenario. I hope you enjoy it.  


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Also there's loads of information on my website, which is And I also have a YouTube channel, which has SportsRehabAus. Thanks for listening. I'll see you next week, when we're going to get back into the upper body mini series. Good luck with your training and remember to keep the pump.