BFR Radio Podcast

BFR Radio Podcast

Hosted by: Dr Chris Gaviglio

BFR Radio is a podcast relating to everything about Blood Flow Restriction, occlusion cuff, ischemic and KAATSU training. For more info visit

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Using BFR for hand fracture rehab - a rehab tool to enhance your therapy.

Episode #36

Welcome back to this episode of BFR radio,hope you're doing well and enjoying this upper body series. Just a friendly reminder about my sports rehab tourniquet BFR cuffs is that I've got new valves. I've actually had...
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How to use BFR to maximise Bicep Hypertrophy.

Episode #35

Welcome back to welcome back to this episode of BFR radio. Before I head into today's article review a quick reminder that if you're looking for practical ideas on how to implement BFR into your own training, check...
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Supercharge your Bench Press training - combining BFR low load & high load training (article review)

Episode #34

Hi everyone and welcome back to this episode of BFR radio. Not sure if you've noticed, but I've been trying a few different things of late. Firstly, I'm trying to increase the frequency of podcasts released to...
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Managing Achilles pain with BFR in sprinters - Your questions answered.

Episode #33

Welcome to today's episodes. I have just finished the short collective mini-series on the multiple uses of BFR around knee surgery. In this collective series of article reviews, I wanted to highlight the multiple uses...
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BFR, surgery & your heart - the cardioprotective ability of Blood Flow Restriction

Episode #32

Hi everyone and welcome to today's episode.   I've enjoyed putting together this short mini-series on the collective ability of using BFR in multiple different scenarios to assist with improving the operative...
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Improve surgical outcome with only 8 days of pre-operative BFR strengthening after knee surgery..

Episode #31

Welcome back to this episode which is a short series of paper reviews that highlights the different uses for Blood Flow Restriction around Knee surgery.   Today's episode looks at the positive effect of only 8 days...
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Use Blood Flow Restriction to decrease joint and tendon pain - BFR after knee surgery

Episode #30

Happy New Year. Late last year I reviewed an article that highlighted the benefits of 12 strength training sessions using BFR post knee arthroscopy around improving muscle size, strength & function. This...
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How to use BFR after knee surgery for improved recovery - your BFR questions answered.

Episode #29

Hi there, This is a short bonus episode just in time for Christmas.  I regularly get questions emailed to me about how to incorporate BFR in their specific scenario. I thought that putting it in an audio format may...
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From general population to elite footballers – integrating BFR training for everyone. Interview with Matt Ham (Hammer Athletic)

Episode #28

Hi there and welcome to this month's episode. In the last episode I reviewed an awesome paper highlighting the positive effect of just 12 BFR sessions after knee arthroscopy. This prompted me to put together a...
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BFR after Knee Surgery - improved muscle strength, size & function in 12 sessions

Episode #27

Welcome back to this month's episode.   It's been a busy couple of months and so firstly a few updates. 1. Valve upgrade - from a product viewpoint, I have upgraded the valve connectors and I have been getting...
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BFR for Ballet, Back Rehab & Biking - interview with Tony Lewis

Episode #26

Thanks for tuning into this month's episode. I hope you enjoyed last month's podcast where I discussed a new training concept that I have been utilising. The results were absolutely surprising so in the mean time...
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BFR, Isometrics and lifting light weights for performance - is it time for a paradigm shift?

Episode #25

Hi there and welcome to this month's episode.   The last 12 weeks I've been exploring a strength training concept that incorporates "at-home" Isometrics whilst using a combination of light loads and Blood Flow...
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