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BFR Radio Podcast

Hosted by: Dr Chris Gaviglio

BFR Radio is a podcast relating to everything about Blood Flow Restriction, occlusion cuff, ischemic and KAATSU training. For more info visit

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Blood Flow Restriction in elite sport with David Young - Lead S&C for Australia Women's Rowing Team.

Episode #24

Welcome to this month's episode of BFR Radio.  In exciting news, gyms are back open! During the COVID period a lot of people may not have had all of the equipment necessary for "traditional" strength training. So...
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Ischemic Preconditioning - what is it and how it can help improve your performance with Sam Halley PhD.

Episode #23

Thanks for joining in for this month's episode.  In this episode I am joined by Sam Halley who hopefully by the time this episode airs should have officially completed and be awarded his PhD. His PhD focused on the...
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BFR and Spinal Cord Injuries - improving daily function through to elite sporting performance (Guest - ParaOlympian Sam Tait)

Episode #22

Hi everyone, This month is jam packed full of great information. From a general training viewpoint, in Australia we are starting to see an ease of COVID-19 restrictions and this result in being able to access indoor...
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BFR - Pain Relief, Performance training and a World Record with Jacinta Carroll

Episode #21

Hi there. I hope everyone is doing well. With the current COVID-19 situation we are all in, I feel that BFR is placed really well for everyone irrespective of whether you are performing injury rehab or training for...
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Improve your Rowing performance by using this simple BFR intervention.

Episode #20

Hi there and welcome to this month's episode. In this article review I look at a recent paper that investigated the use of Blood Flow Restriction cuffs whilst rowing at low intensities to improve aerobic (VO2max)...
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Repairing skeletal muscle - regenerative potential of BFR on skeletal muscle stem cells

Episode #19

Hi there and thanks for tuning in for this month's episode. Today's topic is actually a request from one of our follower listeners (thanks Dann) who wanted to hear about the role of BFR and muscle stems cells. The...
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Low load BFR training and achilles tendon adaptations - an alternative to high load training

Episode #18

Happy New Year everyone. Today's podcast looks into low load BFR training and achilles tendons. This is quite an exciting paper due to the positive effects of Blood Flow Restriction training with tendon adaptation....
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Improve hamstring and hip extension strength with low load BFR Hip Thruster

Episode #17

Hi, This is the last episode for 2020 and brings to a close a big year for me. I've started my accredited BFR workshop, seen BFR Podcast and the product demand grow. I've also designed my first piece of strength...
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BFR & Electrostimulation - combining modalities to accelerate injury recovery

Episode #16

Hi everyone, With this episode of BFR Radio I was inspired by a recent post from a colleague who started to use a combination modality of BFR and Electrostimulation (EMS) for an athlete who was going through post ACL...
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Optimising BFR pressures for aerobic exercise

Episode #15

Hi everyone, Things have been a little busy lately hence the late podcast.  With my normal S&C work commitments and a few workshops to prepare for I haven't been able to put together my normal schedule of...
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How to decrease muscle loss with passive BFR. "How you do BFR" guest is John Vincent

Episode #14

Hi everyone, Today's article review was selected after a conversation with a colleague around the use of passive BFR to attenuate loss with injury or limb immobilisation.  This is also very relevant with my recent...
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Accelerate recovery from injury with BFR. "How you do BFR" guest is Nicolai Morris

Episode #13

Hi there, Following exercise, neutrophils are the first immune cells to initiate the tissue remodeling process via several mechanisms including an increased production of cytokines and recruitment of...
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